Foreign Objects is an independent and maker owned sewing project originating from a study of the cultural groups that have inhabited the fringes of society.

Throughout the past, attempts to homogenize the human culture have resulted in the immeasurable loss of language, art, music, and traditions that existed within minority and sub-cultural groups.

In the 20th century, as people began to shed their national cultural identities in favor of political and personal expression, new styles of music and ways of thinking were developed, counter to the mainstream culture.

These (sub) cultures define themselves not only through music but also through their clothes, vehicles, hair products, instruments, food.. through Objects.

Objects have the ability to facilitate cultural traditions, whether it is the tuning of a Turkish Oud that creates a distinct non-western sound or the piercing of your bottom lip with a safety pin to express a distinct non-conformist attitude.

Similarly, this project is an attempt to create an independent culture defined by nothing but a common sense of alienation from the modern world. A tribe for objective foreigners.


Foreign Objects is an attempt to create new cultural entities, and therefore new cultural traditions that are lasting and sustainable.

All Objects are made by hand in Detroit using industrial sewing machines repurposed from the automotive upholstery industry.

We exclusively work with Italian vegetable tanned leather, bio-degradable textiles, and dead-stock material to make all of our products, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

For this reason we reject individuality and emphasize the collective strength that is needed to both produce these Objects and make them meaningful to others.